Videoshoot @ Studio Sapique

Last week Nick from Lifely has been filming here at Studio Sapique! Nick is my stepson and big brother to Rose. He spent some time with us and suggested it would be nice to do some filming around the house. Nick has been traveling the world to shoot both photos & videos of the best moments in kitesurfing. But he also builds websites, creates company videos & innovative apps at his own company Lifely
We worked together on a series of web videos about Studio Sapique. I'm very excited to share them with you… soon! In the mean time enjoy some pictures from behind the scenes!

4 thoughts on “Videoshoot @ Studio Sapique

  1. Looks like fun! Video shoots used to be part of my work, and I really enjoyed them (until I actually had to be responsible for them haha). It can be a great experience especially if it's a just-for-fun project. Looking forward to seeing the final result!

    1. Video is quite new to me: moving images & some kind of story line is a different way of thinking. But sofar I like it. Can't wait to share the results!
      What kind of video shoots did you do, Deepa?

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