Back to… Greece

Today's destination is Greece: you'd expect a deep blue sea & bright white houses, but in my memory Greece was completely different.

In 1998, a few weeks before turning 18 I took my first plane ever (!) from Amsterdam to Athens, Greece. Together with a highschool friend we stayed in an affordable hotel with a view to the Acropolis. Two young Dutch girls with minishorts wandering through this masculin dominated city… almost a surprise nothing serious happened.

It was a weird holiday:
we ended up in a nightclub where the only women there were payed to be there & some men followed us back to our hotel ( we ran faster! )
we had the best frappés ever
the barman of the rooftop hotel bar was particularly annoying/flirty
I fell a lot, in the middle of the street, because of the bad condition of the sidewalks
we were offered a glass of water with our ice cream
a few weeks before leaving for Athens I met my future husband & I missed him so much!
I didn't really like retsina wine
I completely forgot about the Greek alphabet I learned in college & didn't recognize a single word…

Even though seeing the Acropolis & other ancient monuments around the city was impressive, my favorite part of the trip was our boattrip from Piraeus to Aegina. On Aegina we found a little bit of the typical Greek Mediterranean life which was lovely.

Ever since I read the beautiful children's books by Moni Nilsson-Brännström about the adventures of a Greek/Swedish boy called Tsatsiki ( perfect for 8-10 year olds! ), I would love to go back & visit a beautiful island like Mykonos, eat at Alemagou, and discover more of the remains of Ancient Greece…

And you? Have you ever been to Greece? How did you like it?

2 thoughts on “Back to… Greece

  1. To post the word “minishorts” without posting a picture… well that's just cruel, isn't it? ;) Geintje Judith! Greece is another one of my must-go places, I feel like everyone I know has been there… except for me!

    1. Hahahahaa the minishorts photos were so clueless! But I'd love to go back to Greece. The little sneak peek on true Greek Mediterranean life we had, was very alluring… And did you check out Alemagou? It's AMAZING and makes you want to go there right now!

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