Vintage Sapique 11

The advantage of a home with 27 rooms, is that you can camp inside your own home while you're renovating. And that's exactly what we did for 7 years. For example: while we were working on the floor heating at the 1st floor, we squatted 2 of the offices downstairs. One was our living-dining-office-everything room, the other one our bedroom.

When we moved back to the first floor, we renewed the ceilings in our former "bedroom", installed central heating & painted everything white. It's now my husbands practice.

A "vintage" building calls for some vintage furniture. We were lucky to find a Semi pendant light, designed by Bonderup & Thorup, on a flea market in Holland for only 5€. In Copenhagen we thrifted a replica Semi pendant lamp: real & fake go hand-in-hand in this room :o)

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  1. So, fun fact of the day: Today we went and met the guy who did the Gubi lamp, and did some drawing in his garden.

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