Bananaaaaa! | Banana tree

Yes, I’m going bananas! It has nothing to do with minions, but with a crazy ear infection that’s been chasing me for the past month. The different kinds of pills ease the pain but make me nauseous and I don’t feel strong enough to run (so frustrating!). And overall I feel a bit bleh, despite long nights of sleep, vitamin boosts and a caring husband.

But on the other hand: there’s a lot of good stuff going on. Our new bathroom is FINISHED! And it was sooo worth the 18 months of mess: it’s pure luxury to take a shower in a real and heated bathroom and I can’t wait to take some decent photos and share the final result with you. Also, two restaurant-letters were entirely renovated & painted and attached to the wall of the bathroom and have light (triple yay!). And in the past few weeks Igor and I have been outlining some very exciting Urban Jungle Bloggers projects for 2016. It included a daytrip to Holland by plane, which felt a bit crazy, especially with an ear infection, but it was a very fun experience. We will tell you all about it soon!

And on a more personal note: Robert and I planned our first 2 trips of the new year. We are staying here in the Oise… and we’re going to Helsinki! | Banana tree inflorescence

And I’m also going bananas for REAL bananas… banana trees to be exact. In our AirBnB garden near Valencia grew a gorgeous and big banana tree with 2 banana bunches and a beautiful inflorescence (above). Every day a dark purple burgundy petal would fall off. A few years ago I had a little banana plant, but Wally liked munching on the leaves and totally destroyed it. Maybe I should try again and grow some in the greenhouse? They have this instant tropical vibe, right?! | Banana tree

Yummmmm: | Banana tree

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  1. Blergh, really hope you'll feel better soon! xx Really good news about the bathroom though, speaking from experience, it can make such a difference in how you feel. That purple banana flower is nuts! XD Annnd I can't wait what you guys are up to with UJB! The suspense! ;D

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