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JOELIX.com | Blogtacular highlights - do the kind of wok you want to be known for by Pretavoyager

JOELIX.com | Blogtacular highlights - create a happy email folder with positive feedback by LoveMyDressBlog

JOELIX.com | Blogtacular highlights - the best thing a blogger can do is not focus on comparison

JOELIX.com | Blogtacular highlights - do something that scares you by Oh Joy!

JOELIX.com | Blogtacular highlights - you will have more ideas than time. this is ok by Natalie Lue

JOELIX.com | Blogtacular highlights - don't write blog recipes of things you don't eat yourself by Will Taylor Bright Bazaar

JOELIX.com | Blogtacular highlights - a haiku about working for free no no no no no by Pretavoyager

JOELIX.com | Blogtacular highlights - build relationships with kindres spirits by Yvestown

These are a few of my favorite quotes from speakers of Blogtacular, a creative blog conference I attended this weekend in London. Apart from top notch speakers, a great venue (The Royal Institution of Great Britain), my personal highlights were the more personal conversations I had with blog friends, old and new. During the weekend I also completely fell for the quirky British humor & creativity (not in the last place because of the creative duo behind Mini Moderns: Keith & Mark). It's very refreshing when you're used to working with French creatives 😉

If you like, you can check out all the official pictures taken at Blogtacular right here (with actual people in them, as opposed to mine hihi). As you may have seen on instagram, part of the conference was a colorful photowalk lead by the very talented Xanthe Berkeley. If there's one regret, it's that I didn't attend one of her workshops, it looks SO much fun, don't you think? The great news is that you can buy a virtual ticket to Blogtacular with access to videos from the conference (available in June). Read more about it here and sign up for the newsletter to be the first in the know. Yay!

Quotes from: Anne DitmeyerAnnabel BeeforthWill TaylorJoy ChoNatalie LueYvonne Eijkenduijn

second image kindly provided by Mollie Makes /// handwritten words & all other photos by me

37 thoughts on “#Blogtacular highlights

    1. I loved meeting you in person too, Emily! I hope to see you again soon. As Yvonne mentioned: we should have these things all the time. Exactly!! xx

    1. Thanks Becky! Very glad you enjoyed Blogtacular through twitter & blog posts. It was such a nice conference with lots of ideas and inspiration. You may want to sign up for a virtual ticket to listen to the wonderful speakers yourself ;)

  1. Great recap, Judith! Now I'm even more sorry that I missed Blogtacular. Looks like you all had a lot of fun.
    My favorite is that piece of advice from Oh, Joy—easy to say, hard to do.

    1. It was definitely a very nice conference! And you're right about Joy's piece of advice: it's hard to do, but so worth it. Have a great time in Copenhagen! xx

    1. You know what: I made one for myself already ;) It's empty for now, but I'm looking forward to filling it with happy feedback! You should get yourself one too! xx

    1. My pleasure, Xanthe! So bummed I missed out on both your photowalk and the video workshop, but inspired by what I've seen from you online already. Thanks a lot! xx

  2. I looooooooove this so much. It was such a beautiful building and this is so original what you have done. It was nice meeting/hanging with you. We should have these things all the time.

    1. Thanks a lot Yvonne! I completely agree: hanging out with kindred spirits is just wonderful. We should do it again soon ;) (with or without the heavy trolley!)

    1. Yes, the location was really stunning and a nice backdrop for the speakers quotes too ;) Hope you're having a great time in Copenhagen! Bisous!

    1. My pleasure Annabel! Thank you so much for the interesting insights and great tip to have a happy email folder. Mine is still empty, but I can't wait to fill it with some goodness ;) xx

  3. Klinkt super!! Ik was er graag bij geweest, de quotes alleen al zijn heel inspirerend!
    Ik ga gauw alle links bekijken!
    Fijn week-end!

    1. Dankjewel Nannette! Hopelijk heb jij ook heerlijk genoten van het weekend. Blogtacular was erg inspirerend, veel nieuw ideeën en inzichten, heel fijn :) xx

  4. I think you've summed it up perfectly Judith! Lovely to meet you too and I wish we'd spent more time chatting and comparing notes on being a 'slashy' graphic designer/blogger/photographer etc. XOX

    1. Yes, let's definitely do that next time we meet, Annie! In London, Paris or somewhere else ;) Being a slashy keeps it interesting, right? xx

  5. This is the next best thing to actually having been there – thank you so much for sharing the wisdom with us (and I love the way you present it).

    1. Thank you so much Chedva! It was a truly inspiring conference (even though I don't really like the word inspiring ;) ). Lots of new ideas and fresh perspectives. Hope you had a nice weekend? xx

    1. Hahaha thanks a lot Jill! A great conference deserves a nice recap right?! Would have loved hanging around with you in London. We should definitely go next year! xx

  6. Great post, Judith! Such a good idea, and so well designed. Good to hear that you had a good time in London. There will be a time in the future when I'll be able to attend more of these events again, too, I hope. I miss it!

    1. Thanks Lena for the kind words! I miss meeting up with you too! Hope we'll get to see each other this year, no matter in which country ;) xx

    1. Thanks Tina! No surprise they were a big hit: both the balloons & quotes were great! But there was even more goodness to the weekend, right?!

  7. I couldn't make it to any of the blogging conferences this year (so great that there are lots to choose from!), but loved following along with the Twitter and Instagram feeds. And what a lovely way to share your highlights from Blogtacular!

    1. That's a good thing, right, that we get to choose from so many events! Although the more informal meetups are fun too. Would be nice to see you again this year. But for now we'll keep in touch virtually ;) Have a nice week, Mandi!

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