The colors of Notting Hill London | Notting Hill London colorful houses sunshine blue sky

Our French weather man a.k.a. Monsieur Météo predicted a rainy weekend in London, but I was very very lucky: as soon as my Eurostar arrived at Saint Pancras station last week the sun came out and didn't disappear until I left four days later! Super convenient, because what I like best when visiting a city is walking around. Preferably all day and without an umbrella 😉 While my feet hate me for that, my eyes loved it: especially when walking around Notting Hill. I know there are already so many pictures of the colorful houses in this part of town, but I just couldn't help myself. Sunshine & color simply make me happy. | Notting Hill London colorful houses sunshine blue sky

I first spotted these polka dots on Blogtacular speaker Joy Cho's feed and accidentally walked passed "her" house: | Notting Hill London polkadot house facade

And I found so much more color, I hope it makes you happy too: | Notting Hill London pink door green house | Notting Hill London colorful houses sunshine blue sky

Looking through a beautiful fig tree in this front yard: | Notting Hill London fig tree and pink door

And a beautiful platan tree: | Notting Hill London blue house and blue sky

sweet spring foliage: | Notting Hill London pink and blue house facade

wedding cake pastels on top of the Notting Hill: | Notting Hill London wedding cake pastel houses | Notting Hill London colorful houses blue and pink | Notting Hill London colorful houses sunshine blue sky | Notting Hill London colorful houses sunshine blue sky

And this last picture of the famous Portobello Road. At the very end of this road, passed the tourist shops and the Spanish institute, I found this very nice shop that fitted our next Urban Jungle Bloggers topic perfectly: greens in cafés, restaurants or shops. I asked if I could take some pictures and they agreed, so that's what I'll show you here on Thursday! See you soon! | Notting Hill London colorful houses Portobello Road

8 thoughts on “The colors of Notting Hill London

  1. I really love this post! I have thought about taking pictures in Notting Hill so often before with all the colourful houses but whenever I was there WITH my camera the weather proved to be really London-like :). Your pictures are SO nice and capture the mood perfectly!

    Best wishes and have a happy Sunday!
    Yours, Thea

    1. Awww thank you Thea! Yes, I felt so lucky to be in Notting Hill with this gorgeous sunny weather, it was definitely one of the many highlights of my London trip. Talk to you very soon! xx

    1. Aaah oui il faudra sûrement y faire un tour :) Et surtout n'hésites pas à te ballader hors les senties battus (les commerces du Portobello Road). Il y a vraiment des surprises quand on s'éloigne un peu (notamment à la fin du Portobello Road, après l'école espagnole). Profites-en bien, Elsa!

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