Brabant Service Station

Not far from where I grew up and the nearest bigger city you can find one of the oldest petrol stations of the Netherlands: Brabant Service Station. When the entire area was restructured, the classic building from 1933 faced demolition. But somehow the city council "splurged" 800K€ on moving the gas station 55 meters from its original spot and the building was saved.

I only knew this architectural gem as a gloomy hangout covered in graffiti, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see that it looks so good today!
You can even have a look inside, as Maxx Floors set up their new showroom here. Apparently the interior features some beautiful art-deco details…

14 thoughts on “Brabant Service Station

  1. Fabulous shots!! This building somehow reminds me of the work of Edward Hopper. Probably because I just finished a book about his oeuvre. Well, j'adore!

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