My jungle | My jungle

Finally I moved my beloved plant collection from their winter storage to the greenhouse! It's my private jungle with palm trees, cactus plants, succulents and agaves. Most of them were cuttings or seeds that I brought home from travels to Portugal, Corsica, Spain and the South of France. Nothing serious but I just really love taking care of it all. | My jungle

It's still a mystery whether my favorite cactus plant did survive the winter. It's one of the only plants planted in the soil of the greenhouse and has an adventurous lifestyle of growing fast, tall and with his "arms" open wide: | My jungle

The other cactus plants are obviously very happy this year: | My jungle

And I'm growing a few veggies here as well, that will go outside soon: | My jungle

The only thing missing is some more sun! Have a great weekend!

Second picture by Adrian Briscoe

18 thoughts on “My jungle

    1. True! That's the waiting room attached to the green house :o) If you like you can watch a few videos of our home:

  1. I have no words. Love your green house. I wanted to build a rood deck garden, but I'm not quite sure if the deck is secure enough. Small plant pots will make it too. Enjoy the weekend. :)

    1. Small plant pots are a good idea: the plants can travel with you (once you'll move) and can survive harsh winters inside :o) You too have a lovely weekend, Ana!

  2. that's a lovely jungle you have there! I can't believe how stunning your house is. every part of it. And I'll say that over and over again!

    1. Thanks Lena! One day I should show you the ugly details and tell the adventurous stories! But I don't complain: it's a happy place ;o)

    1. It's such a blessing to have a dedicated space where I can keep my succulents. Definitely get some, Stefania, they are easy to grow and so pretty ;)

  3. I am speechless! What an amazing entry way!! I stumbled on this website today and I am in love with your greenhouse. I am so happy when I meet another plant fanatic.

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