During a quick visit of the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, I spotted this pretty pendant lamp designed by Front for Zero lighting. Swedish design trio CKR also used this lamp in the famous lobby of the Nobis hotel, where it looks really stunning. But to me, this historic ceiling looks even better as a backdrop for this lamp called Camouflage!

I count 8 pendant lights in our home (oops!)… so there is not a lot of place left for one of these beauties by David Trubridge:

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4 thoughts on “Camouflage

  1. I discovered David Trubridge in Milan many years ago when he had still no distribution in Europe. I am happy that has changed today and he is well introduced in our markets. The pictures is stunning, Judith! xx

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Gudy! (and: it worked!). It was wonderful to see David Trubridge's work all over Stockholm, but even here in France I see his work more and more often. Well deserved!

  2. These are beautiful, Judith! The first photo is perfection itself.

    The previous owners of our house took every single light fitting leaving us with bare bulbs so I'm definitely in the market for some. Thanks for sharing. :D

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