Come on spring!

This saturday, when it was warm and sunny outside I felt relieved that we survived yet another winter. After 7 winters without proper heating here at Studio Sapique, I felt blessed that this was our second warm and comfortable winter here.

But even though we didn't have to wear 8 layers of clothing or heat the shower gel before using it, I'm still very ready for spring. And so are Wally (seen above) and the daffodils outside:

But yesterday, all of a sudden, my vegetable garden looked more like this… I guess spring is not quite here yet…

4 thoughts on “Come on spring!

    1. Yeah, our Wally is SO ready for spring too! We snowed in today, no schools & buses & trucks. Very quiet (but cold). I hope spring isn't far anymore. Is it any warmer at your place?

  1. Oh I want to hug your cat he looks so fluffy!!! The weather is crazy right now! Its funny how when we really want something to arrive soon…it doesn't…sending warm weather your way!

    1. Thanks Giannina! Hope it helps! Wally is really fluffy (and completely crazy) and like all cats he loves the sun. We both can't wait!

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