A night in Sweden

Ever since returning from Stockholm, I've been kind of stuck in Sweden through the books of Stieg Larsson. I'm in the middle of the third book now and watched the American and Swedish movies too. I remember my guide in Stockholm pointed out Lisbeth's and Mikke's apartments in Söder. It didn't mean much to me then but totally makes sense now. Did you read these books? Did you like them?

Last week I spent an evening at the Swedish Institute in Paris. First for fika at Le Café Suédois. Hmmm! Next door, glass & ceramics artist Mårten Medbo was exhibiting his work. I like how his sculptures are not quite abstract or figurative, but mostly very organic and inspired by nature.

The displays and colors reminded me of what I saw at Blås & Knåda and Konsthantverkarna in Stockholm:

After visiting the exhibition it was time for some music. Or better said: some "sound" by Midaircondo. A Swedish duo exploring avant-garde sound art, electronica, jazz and melancholic pop. They were in town for a concert at Unesco the next day for International Women's Day.

The motion graphic backdrops portraited the women themselves walking up and down a stairway.

My favorite piece by Mårten Medbo was this comic blob sculpture:

The Swedish Institute in Paris is a really nice place to relax after a stroll through the Marais neighborhood or a visit at concept store Merci. In the summer you can enjoy your kanelbulle in their quiet garden. Bliss!

Institut Suédois /// 11 rue Payenne /// 75003 Paris /// +33 (0) 1 44 78 80 20.
Open every tuesday through sunday: 12PM – 6PM.

6 thoughts on “A night in Sweden

  1. That looks like a fun night! I'm taking notes here for my next trip to Paris (no plans yet, but hey, Paris is ALWAYS on the list of places to go!) The music duo sounds interesting, too, I like the idea of their motion graphic. I haven't read Stieg Larsson yet – but everyone I know who has read his books is a huge fan. But I have a pile of books that are waiting for me already so I'll probably not become part of the Stieg Larsson fanclub for a while ;)

    1. Don't worry Lena, you only miss out on some “fun” entertaining books, nothing life-changing ;o) The Swedish Institute is a good one to add to your Paris list… just in case!

  2. Thank you for sharing more wonderful things to do in Paris!! And the books, I did read them when they came out!! Very fun and quick!! (or maybe it was because I didn't have a baby and could indulge in reading non-stop).

    1. Hihi, it's taking me forever to read them, because I'm a slow reader. Next time you'll be in Paris let's meet at the Swedish Institute for fika :o)

  3. So you caught the bug? It seems so long ago that I read them. All I can tell you is that I was obsessed with the Swedish 3 movies. They were so amazing… so rare after reading books.

    Then, a friend of mine wanted me to see the Hollywood version. Well, they copied it bit by bit but hey, it could have been worse. Daniel Craig was quite good.

    The Swedish Institute in Paris sounds fascinating!

    1. Oh yes, I caught the SL-fever ;o) The Hollywood version is so dramatic, the Swedish movies are more like a tv series, don't you think? The Swedish Institute is such a relaxed & down to earth place: very Swedish!

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