DIY ABC plate

Besides giftwrapping & the occasional project, I'm usually not a true crafter. But I recently bought this porcelain paint in black & red so I had to do something with it. As I love typography, I decided to make a simple ABC plate.

It's pretty easy. I used a small IKEA 365+ breakfast plate. The most difficult part is to get the 26 letters to fit in the circle. To make that easier, I printed a circle ABC ( download my pattern here! ), cut it out and used it as a guide. With a pencil I drew 2 circle guidelines on the plate.
Then I started painting. My brush was a bit too big & the paint too transparent. But with a few extra layers it turned out okay. After 35 minutes in the oven, the plate became dishwasher proof.

I also made a simple dotted plate. I think I like it even better.

Do you see what's written in RED?
Of course you can write anything you like: the name of a loved one, your favorite city… You can download my pattern here!

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