Do you know sisterMAG?

Do you know sisterMAG? No?!?
sisterMAG is a Journal for the Digital Lady. Created by two classy & clever sisters from Berlin, that I've had the pleasure of meeting several times over the past year. Whether you're into technology, fashion, photography, travel, future trends, lifestyle or DIY: there's something in there for you!

In the brand new sisterMAG issue, which is all about Trends & Utopia:
you can join Sivan Askayo on a wonderful trip to Tokyo
learn from Elodie Love about Still Life photography
discover the Google Art Project, by Jenni Fuchs
read tips & tricks about working from home (including a peek into my home office on p. 96!)
and find out so much more…

Check it out here!

10 thoughts on “Do you know sisterMAG?

  1. Yessssssss, and I saw your article already (just looked at the pictures so far, but WILL READ IT SOON!) Congrats, I love the sisterMAG concept.

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