Budding spring leaves

Can you believe it? We're in March! As a surprise my beloved apple tree popped its first leaves this week! The elstar tree hibernated in our living room and lost its leaves at the end of november. Our cats really loved that: they played with the leaves for hours.

I can't wait for spring and to unleash all my plants from their winter shelter! And you? Are you ready for spring?

8 thoughts on “Budding spring leaves

  1. I am soooooo ready for spring… and my spring baby! I live across a park now and I can see it calling to me from my window. So looking forward to taking walks with the little one… and I don't even really like walking haha.

    1. Hahaha but walking with a little baby IS something else ;o) Hope these last weeks aren't too tough on you? Come on spring, show us what you've got!

  2. So very ready for spring!
    Eigenlijk al sinds 1 januari …
    De gele achtergrond van je foto's geven het helemaal een voorjaarsgevoel, slimme kleurkeuze eigenlijk!

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