French blogosphere?

Since I discovered blogs years ago, I've never really got into the French ones. Maybe it was because the stories were written in a hip&trendy kind of French which is difficult to read for non native speakers or maybe just because there was nothing in there for me. This early autumn I discovered that the French blogosphere has developed to be huge. Chanel even invited a few fashionistas/blogsters to the apartment of Gabrielle Chanel to celebrate the launch of the new Coco Mademoiselle Fragrance. Alternative marketing is flying high! That's why I got myself and a friend invited to a sensory discovery of Kenzoki products next week. I also found my new handbag through a Parisian blog, as well as the addresses of some funky boutiques and products. But the best of my French Blog Discovery were all the dozens of photos of looks during the Paris Fashion Week. It even has been proven tiat if you are an appreciated look-photographer, you can get famous!

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