A colorful new year!

This new year started in black (and with a black tongue because of the BlackBerry vodka) but quickly turned into a fluorescent pink, the color of the medication for our sick cats. 2008 will be all about choosing the right color(s). Finding color-inspiration has been made very easy by Kris. And if you don't want it uni, you can always choose some all over print. Muji proposes some pure white and Printemps a touch of icy blue. Without light no colors, that's why i also selected this interesting light project for you.
By the way i really appreciated the Parisian metro transmitting us their best wishes with a modified metro map billboard and some postcards. So much more fun than Dezeen's christmas card selection. But nothing beats Bembibre's calendar from Finland! I wish you all a very happy and colorful year!

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