Frozen Honeydew

With high summer temperatures in mind, I tried to make a very refreshing treat: sorbet ice. For this ultra simple ( remember I never cook! ) and quite healthy recipe I used one very ripe Honeydew melon. Simply scoop out the seeds and spoon out the fruit.

Then mix this with a cup of water, two table spoons of vodka, some grinded black pepper and a hint of vanilla extract. Squeeze half a lemon and an entire orange into the mixture. Mix it with a hand mixer ( or a fancy KitchenAid! ), chill it in the fridge for a few hours and put it in the ice maker until your sorbet ice has the right texture. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Frozen Honeydew

  1. Oh gosh this looks good. And made with a fruit I can actually eat! I'll just omit the vodka so the kindjes can enjoy it as well. I want those polka dot cups!! Are they Hema? Jx

  2. Hey, I have a fancy KitchenAid, I should make this! Looks delicious :-D Bought a ripe melon and will try this badboy tomorrow! Also, awesome cups!

  3. Thanks Jillian, Nina & Kristian! Yes, those cups are HEMA (of course).
    And Kristian, please report back how you liked your sorbet. You lucky KitchenAid-owner ;o)

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