Gradient berries - Phytolacca americana

A few days ago on one of my runs, my eyes caught a glimpse of bright pink in the bushes along the path. Wow: gradient berries! Or what they are usually called: pokeweed or Phytolacca americana. Their pink stems are so bright, the calyces look like LEGO flowers and their berries have the most beautiful gradient colors, somewhere between lime green, bordeaux and dark plum.

I took (too many) photos and they all look extremely romantic. But who cares: sharing a bit of softness doesn't do any harm. Except these berries are very poisonous, so don't eat them! - Phytolacca americana - Phytolacca americana - Phytolacca americana - Phytolacca americana

26 thoughts on “Gradient berries

  1. I have never seen these before. The colours are stunning and I'm glad you took these photographs.

    So, you go running with a phone or camera? Interesting!

    How ironic they should be poisonous… beauty can be so deceiving:-) x

    1. Merci Tina! I only picked the berries during my run: I never bring my camera, only my phone ;) And oh yes, beauty can be so cruel! But apparently you can eat the berries when you cook them. I won't try it though, too risky! xx

  2. I've been admiring these berries on your instagram feed already – I've never seen anything like that before! I think it's great you took so many pictures, they deserve it!

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