Malmö Slottsträdgården - Malmö Slottsträdgården - Malmö Slottsträdgården

On my walk through the King's park not far from the Malmö castle, I stumbled upon this organic community garden called Slottsträdgården (Castle Garden). And I loved it! A community garden showes so much of the character of the locals. The one I visited in Berlin is very cool and focuses on recycling and creative solutions. Near our home, most community gardens are used for growing vegetables or as a nice spot for l'apéro. The castle garden is very structured (look at the sharp green paths!), very colorful and filled with lots of different flowers and plants that looked very Nordic to me. - Malmö Slottsträdgården - Malmö Slottsträdgården - Malmö Slottsträdgården

I overheard a few conversations from the international garden "crew". This guy was visiting his family in Ghana soon and his Japanese co-worker would miss him deeply. But he'd be back. I would too, this place is just lovely! Apparently the garden also hosts a lot of events throughout the year: concerts, workshops and plant days… - Malmö Slottsträdgården

In the summer you can purchase vegetables and plants from the garden. And last weekend Sophia Callmer teached a garden photography course. Sounds fun! - Malmö Slottsträdgården - Malmö Slottsträdgården

And of course (we are in Sweden after all!) there is also a small kaffeehus for good coffee and a cinnamon bun… you gotta love fika! - Malmö Slottsträdgården

Slottsträdgården /// Malmöhusvägen 8 /// Malmö /// Sweden
Open all year round

30 thoughts on “Malmö Slottsträdgården

  1. Gorgeous photos, Judith! This garden feels relaxed and wild which I admire. I agree with Gudy, it is paradise not to mention the goodness of a cinnamon bun! Jocelyn xx

  2. Oh I love them so much. Here in SF are many of them, and sometimes I grab a magazine and relax in one of them. My post for the urban jungle is going to be about community gardens here in SF. Hope I can make it until 10th, my in-laws are here, for 5!!!! weeks. ;)

    1. Oh wow, that will be a busy 5 weeks, Ana! But wonderful to have them around too. Maybe just visit some community gardens together with them ;) Hope you can make it! Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. Hi Judith. Such wonderful place to share and your photos always creates those mute moments where everything stops, even the clock:-) Hi hi yes fika is totally me too:-) Thank you so much for amaizing photo and enjoy your weekend:-)

    1. Absolutely, it's a pretty cool place. And just across the bridge from your place ;) Hope your weekend was sweet too, but with your pretty new hair, I bet it was pretty good! xx

  4. Thanks for your comments about our garden Judith! If you need any more information please feel free to contact me on my work mail: john.taylor@

    John Taylor – Head Gardener

    1. Thank you so much for your kind message, John! You're doing such a great job in the garden, it's such a friendly place, I really enjoyed it a lot. Keep up the good work!

          1. Yes, that was crazy and fun!
            I did visit again twice just when passing but the festival was special. Incidentally, the same festival is back on Sunday 13th October… too late for my Urban Jungle post but I shall choose something different:-))

            Here's another project I've recently blogged about:
            Happy Monday!

  5. Wow, what an organized and well structured community garden – indeed very different from the prinzessinnengarten in Berlin! I guess you're right about the gardens showing the character of the locals. Looks like a wonderful place.

    1. Glad you see it too, this garden is so completely different :) I didn't want to leave, it was so nice to walk around and enjoy this place. Did you have time to visit any community gardens in NYC?

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