Green Balconies in Milan | Green balconies in Milan

When strolling down the streets of Milan, I was pleasantly surprised by the omnipresence of greens! Of course the upcoming Urban Jungle Bloggers topic was in the back of my head: balconies & window sills, so I guess I was a little obsessed… So if you're looking for some last minute inspiration, look no further 😉

One of the design showrooms in the Brera district was covered in greens (and a hint of yellow from the #blago2014 ladies): | Green balconies in Milan

I didn't really get the purpose of ceramic Italian coffee pots and espresso cups for your plants, but well… it looked kinda cute: | mini cactus plants in Italian coffee pots #yellow

More green balconies and notice: | Green balconies in Milan | Green balconies in Milan

This Italian chef enjoyed his break in the green patio featuring a variety of Italian vases and random planters: | Green balconies in Milan blago

You cannot go wrong with palm trees in my book. I loved these, they look so proud: | Palm trees in Italy

Looking up: | Green balconies in Milan

And of course I spotted some fresh lemons that reminded me of the ones in Corsica. I brought one home and used it for the sugar free lemon muffins that I baked the other day… even though they looked more like flat cookies, they tasted pretty good. | Lemons on a tree in Italy

Check back tomorrow for my Urban Jungle Bloggers post. And if you like: there's still time to join us and show us your green balcony or window sill! Subscribe here and you'll receive all the information you need by email. Arrivederci!

10 thoughts on “Green Balconies in Milan

  1. Everything looks so much better with plants in my opinion, but then again a sunny day makes everything look fabulous!
    The picture looking up with the flags, my favorite of all :)

    1. Thanks Giova! I think it's my favorite too ;) It was so good to soak up the sunshine, you're absolutely right: it makes everything look great!

  2. That is quite a surprise! I've only been once to Milan many years ago and remembered a lot of buildings, roads, a boiling heat and hardly any greens. Seems like the city is changing or I have only been stuck in the wrong part of the town back then:-)

    1. I think you should go back Igor! Several people (Italians included!) told me Milan was industrial, grey, very urban. And I could see why, but it also depends on how you look, where you go and I think spring time is particularly green too ;). See you there at the next Salone!

  3. Thank you so much Judith for this post! Most of the people who go to Milan keep the souvenir Igor has :-( Milan is a difficult city to discover, very secret and milaneses keep it secret on purpose sometimes … these pictures show the other part of the city. And those balcony are my favourite ones. One day I know I'll have one of these on my own ;-) xx

    1. That's what I've been told: during Design Week many patios and buildings open up to the public. You get a unique peek behind the scenes and I loved that! Spring time is also particularly green, it's just lovely! I'm looking forward to sharing a drink on your Milanese balcony soon, Ilaria ;)

  4. Thanks Judith, I really enjoyed looking at all of that green and I would love to see the set up of that terrace in the first image. The cobblestones are the perfect touch too I have to say… oh Italy how I love thee. Look forward to UBC tomorrow. xx

    1. Thanks Mel! Me too, I was curious to see it up close. But some parts of Milan are very secret ;) I'm not sure it would look as fabulous as your balcony a.k.a. deck though! Thanks for sharing it! xx

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