Urban Jungle Bloggers #8

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers window sill red room

For the eight time today, Igor and I are throwing a little green party. Or at least that's what our monthy Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge feels like to me. Afters lots of eggs, creative stylings and spring freshness in March, today is all about green window sills and balconies.

Actually we don't have a single window sill here at home. Our windows start at the floor and go straight up to the ceiling. We do have two balconies though (you can see us posing on one of 'em here!), but don't keep any greens on them… But there are some cactus plants, a citrus tree, an aloë vera and a few succulents in front of the window in our cinema room. So that's what I'm showing you today 🙂

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers window sill red room

Do you see the purple-ish plant in the back (turned to the sun):

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers window sill red room

I noticed that its leaves have this pearlish color in the sun. Kind of magic, right?

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers window sill red room

The fresh green succulent on the left is very happy in the sun, he's truly thriving and growing fast. I think it's because of his Monegask roots 😉 He's the cutie in my first Urban Jungle Bloggers post (in the last image!).

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers window sill red room

More pictures of our cinema room here (before & after) and here.

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers window sill red room

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41 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers #8

  1. Do I need to rephrase how much I love your home and your plants? I can only repeat myself: You have a wonderful, inviting, charming and beautifully green home! And that windowsill looks just super cute!

    1. hahaha you're right, I'm not complaining window-wise ;) Thanks for crowning me Queen of Greens & Cacti, very proud to wear that hat! Merci! See you soon, Tina!

  2. Fantastisch hoe je een eigen woestijn creëert omgeven door warm rood! Inspirerend hoe alle verschillende potjes toch een eenheid vormen :) Jij ook een hele fijne donderdag (btw.. leuke about pagina!)

  3. it's such a nice place and i love how the plants are obviously enjoying the sunlight :) the glimmer on the purple leaves is really amazing! here's my contribution:
    http://junifaden.blogspot.de/2014/04/urban-jungle-bloggers-april-show-your.html :) greetings julia

    1. Merci Julia! Oh yes, my plants love it here, it's probably the sunniest room in our home. I loved seeing all the sunshine on your balcony too! xx

  4. What a beautiful display! It looks so great against the window, with the backdrop of the trees behind. I really like how you've harmonized all the plant pots too.

  5. I agree with Tina, you are the queen of green! I feel so refreshed after reading and browsing your gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing this part of your home! Much love, Jocelyn xx

  6. Well that gorgeous display can definitely work as a windowsill (lucky you to have all that light) and all that green ties in beautifully with the red. I'm in love with that cactus, I want the same! Mel xx

    1. Thanks so much Mel! It's an Euphoria that my husband brought home on the same day as I visited a cactus shop in Paris and didn't buy anything. Love the name ;) Talk to you soon!

  7. What a lovely line of greens. For not having a window sill, it really looks lovely. I. Miss not having them too but I am working on it. Tomorrow hope I will have time enough to post my pictures. Xxx

      1. Gelukt! it's a tiny contribution as I am super busy these days but it's a beginning of a larger plan :-)
        I miss the window sills a lot though. Used to have them both in Nederland and UK. Italian houses have external sills but I do not like them as much.

  8. Lovely styling as usual! I couldn't make it this time in time and I also don't have really a good window sill and no balcony. But I might come up with something and share it next week.

    1. Thanks Ana! And great news! Can't wait what you'll whip up. I'm sure it will be fabulous & creative. But first: friday & weekend. Hope you'll enjoy!

  9. oh, this is so inspiring! in your pictures there's jungle in front AND behind the windows… WOW
    I'm so happy to join you “green parties” :)

  10. Such a cool idea to create a window sill. Love how you joined all the plants and pots together. A real green party! I hope to join the Urban Jungle next month.

    1. Dankje Stephanie! Na de winter heb ik 't een beetje uitgedund, want het was echt een enorme jungle. De rest staat nu weer netjes beneden in de serre ;)

  11. Hi Judith, I love the way that you have displayed the plants on top of your bookshelf! It's such a feast for the eyes. Your abundant collection of cacti and succulents has me drooling. Thank you. xD

  12. Wow, floor to ceiling windows! How lovely that must be when the sun shines through. What a fantastic collection of plants you have and the I just love how the purple leaves look in the sun. Your book shelf window sill makes for a great advertisement for Urban Jungle Bloggers!

    1. Thanks Hollie for your kind words! I'm happy that it shines through that I really like greens ;) And glad you liked the captcha! It's so frustrating when you took time to write a comment and cannot get the letters & numbers right, isn't it?

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