Happy Halloween!

Simply for the sake of Halloween, I made these prefab Bubble Gum cupcakes. They taste the way they look: extremely chemical. As an extra touch, I added 2 little selfmade cardboard bats on top.
In Belgium, on the way back home from Hello Etsy, I heard on AFN radio ( a tip if you like hilarious radio commercials! ) that you should keep your kids away from "suspicious unwrapped treats" at Halloween. So these cupcakes may be a little risky ;o)

Happy Halloween! Are you or your kids celebrating or dressing up? Or even trick or treating?

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Happy Halloween to you too!! I can't wait till tonight. We are pretty excited!
    Yum! They look pretty cool, I hope you don't get an upset stomach for eating too much, I know I would!

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