Would you live in a colored house?

Maybe it's because I grew up in a house with a bright red panel on the facade. Or because one of my favorite children's books told a story about a bunch of kids who painted their house in bright colors when their parents were on holiday. Anyway I'm always intrigued by colored houses. Why did someone choose to paint the shutters pink or green? Or blue?

Both pictures above were made in Bayonne, South East France. How typical to find the same grey sky and the colored houses close to home, in Beauvais!

Would you ever consider living in a colored house like these?

14 thoughts on “Would you live in a colored house?

  1. Looking at these fab pics, I could easily live in any of those houses. Happy colorful shutters in turquoise, light blue, pink, rusty red? Any of these warm my heart!!!

    1. Oh wow! You're a color lover by heart! Heard you'll be in Paris soon (not too many “colorful” houses over here) but I hope you'll enjoy it nevertheless!

  2. Oh yes, I am a frequent Paris visitor due to my partner there:-) I love Paris and one day, one day I'll pack up my colorful things and move there:-)

    1. Oh that's wonderful! Having such a lovely reason to visit Paris ever so often, is the best!!
      Until then, just indulge in Parisian lifestyle and take it all back to Munich ;o)

  3. YES! The only problem I foresee is deciding on what color the door and shutters would be. I would be paralyzed by all the choices. Or maybe I could just repaint them every year?

    1. I think I'd have the same issue: how to decide upon the color? Changing every year would be a good solution, but lots of work though… Your new home has indoor shutters, right?

    1. Ja erg jammer! Maar er zijn tegenwoordig ook wijken waar het wel mag, zoals in de regenboogbuurt in Almere… de vraag is natuurlijk of je daar zou moeten willen wonen ;o)

  4. Back home in Halifax (Canada) all the wooden houses are painted in the most beautiful colours with opposing coloured shutters and trim. It's beautiful.

    Here in Italy you have to ask permission to paint your house and it usually has to be cream, yellow, light orange or brown. I opted for a sunny yellow but I would have loved to paint it a more daring colour.

    1. Somehow I agree that in some regions the houses should maintain their traditional color scheme, like the Basque red or certain Spanish villages that are 100% white. But besides that it would be so wonderful to see more color in architecture! Of course it will also result in tasteless color combos but I can live with that ;o)
      Sunny yellow sounds not so bad, but coming from Halifax I can only imagine that you'd be tempted by some bolder colors… Fortunately we can still do what we want inside!

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