I’m obsessed with this video…

JOELIX.com | Tensnake video

I have a confession to make. I secretly looooove cheesy music.
Taste in music is so personal and reveals so much about your age & social culture, don't you think? I grew up in the nineties during the big boom of music videos and developed a decent taste in music. But some pulp slipped through though.

JOELIX.com | Tensnake video

I simply cannot resist a big beat, skilled dancers and cool visuals. And when it comes as good as this one… right in the middle between Robin S. and Mc Hammer

JOELIX.com | Tensnake video

Since I've found this video of Tensnake ft. Syron on Happy Mundane ( Jon's TGISunday videos are awesome! ) I cannot stop watching & singing along… watch it here:

And you? Do you have a secret love for any cheesy kind of music?

8 thoughts on “I’m obsessed with this video…

  1. Love the graphics of the video, but this music is too modern for me. I grew up with the Bee Gees and Cyndi Lauper, nice combo huh? Of course the Beatles and Nina Simone and other things my older kid makes fun of! And I'm listening to The lumineers at the moment, can't get more depressing than this ;)

    1. Proves the fact that music is super personal ;o) Although I do have fond memories of Cyndi Lauper too <3 Maybe it's time for some upbeat xmas songs after The Lumineers?

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