Merci prepares for Xmas

Two weeks ago I quickly hopped into Desiree's favorite shop in Paris again: Merci. The visual merchandisers were preparing the store for Christmas with trees & light bulb stars. I realized that I'm not quite in the mood for Christmas yet, although I did buy my first xmas gift there. ( can't tell you what, because it's for someone who reads my blog… )
Anyway, have a look at how Merci is preparing for Xmas:

If you don't know Merci yet, you can read more about it here. Are you in the mood for Christmas yet?

6 thoughts on “Merci prepares for Xmas

  1. Not yet, but soon (I keep telling myself)! And Merci was so beautiful but so very packed on saturday!! Love the bed and those fish soap. My son got me a present from there, can't wait to see what he got :) Oh, and love that outfit!! Very “Merci”!

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