I’m on cloud fine

Pfewy, I'm slowly getting back on track after a few wonderful days in Stockholm. I met so many amazing artists, bloggers and other creatives, that I'm still buzzing!

When looking down from my plane from Paris to Stockholm, I saw some familiar silhouettes and realized we were flying above Holland! It reminded me of the Map Design Course that my friend Anne from Prêt-à-Voyager will be teaching in a few weeks. Of course I enrolled (and so should you!) and I can't wait to see what we all come up with!

I took over 900 photos (oops!) in Stockholm, so please check back soon for posts about my beautiful hotel in Stockholm, cool business card designs by fellow Meettheblogger attendees, my favorite spots ( I'm completely smitten with one of them! ), beautiful Swedish typography and cool lamps that I spotted across the city.[[more]]

Here are some more pictures from the plane, as the world looks so pretty from above:

Frozen Swedish lakes:

12 thoughts on “I’m on cloud fine

  1. Wow. Beautiful photos. You know, I like sitting in the aisle seat so never get to take photos. You've inspired me. Flying to Nice on Monday so will see what I can do ;-)

    Stockholm sounded wonderful and I can't wait for everyone's reviews!

    I am so pleased we are doing Anne's Map Design Course. I've always been obsessed with maps. Also lots of cool bloggers in class. Look forward to connecting! Not long now..

    1. Thanks Tina! I hope you'll get lucky on your flight to Nice (!!!) next week, because the views can be sooo magical. I'm really looking forward to the Map Design class as well: it will be so much fun!!

  2. I am with Tina, always take an aisle seat and regretted that choice this time when flying in to Stockholm. What a fantastic view of all the islands! So nice to have met you, Judit!

    1. I think you recognize the outline of your “own” country anywhere ;o) I realized when I saw Zeeland, it's so different from anything else, seen from above. Enjoy flying around, Deepa!!

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