It’s so easy being green

Early spring I wanted to post about the fresh pink blossom cheering up the city and countryside, even including a happy song about blossom and a new found sweet design blog called bloesem. But the summer just started and things are speeding up. According to Kermit, being green is not easy, but today there are so many easy solutions to be green. Even highly poluting businesses are riding the green wave. The question is more about how far do you want to go in being green and ecofriendly.
For a recent party we used Vegware cutlery and tableware plus a huge lot of secondhand glassware. These are very cheap & easy ways of reducing waste, but why are most of the eco, green and bio solutions so overpriced? Why still produce plastic disposables when there's a cheap biodegradable variant? Which makes me wonder about the balance of production and creation in my own daily job… Definately this guy knows what he's doing! Just discovered his EcoWarrior collection and it blew me away!

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