La vie en rose

This weekend we visited the Journées de la Rose at the Abbaye de Chaalis. Near the ruines of the ancient Abbey everything involved roses. Rose lovers, garden enthusiasts and rose professionals presented their products and savoir-faire in a fragrant environment. And of course: we were accompanied by a true Rose, which made it extra special.

The weather was wonderful, the rose garden wasn't blooming yet due to the cold spring, but the rose ice cream tasted really good! Oh and did you know that the French wear pretty hats to these kinds of events? I spotted so many wedding-proof headpieces but completely forgot to shoot any for my Styloise series… oops!

For a fun "rosy" outtake, check my Instagram :o)

8 thoughts on “La vie en rose

    1. Oh yes, I can absolutely recommend you to try it some time. I think I'd prefer violet over rose ice cream, but still it's really good :P

    1. Merci Tina, I'm super busy, but doing well. Hope you too? True, you have to love ice cream to be able to appreciate rose ice cream. Is it the cold, dairy or texture that you don't like? Or maybe it has to do with allergies?

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