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JOELIX.com | Hüttenpalast Berlin

On the last day of my stay in Berlin, I met for tea with the lovely Lena from Minamoka. While sipping gingertea, she told me that we were actually at a very special hotel. A hotel where you can sleep in a real caravan. I was so surprised! Of course! This was the place that I saw in some magazine a few years ago and that I couldn't find when preparing my trip to Berlin. I even asked around on different travel forums, but without any result. So Hüttenpalast it is!

JOELIX.com | Hüttenpalast Berlin

JOELIX.com | Hüttenpalast Berlin

Lena asked if we could visit the hotel and the manager was kind enough to show us around. He told us they were actually building a second adjacent "campsite" to receive a few more guests. Not too many, because they'd like to keep a more personal contact with the guests.

JOELIX.com | Hüttenpalast Berlin

So, if you want to go camping this summer but prefer a really comfy hotel bed plus the urban Berlin lifestyle, Hüttenpalast is the place to go!

JOELIX.com | Hüttenpalast Berlin

What do you think? Would you consider sleeping here?
Oh by the way, the Hut Palace also has a few "regular" hotel rooms ;o)

15 thoughts on “Hüttenpalast Berlin

  1. Wow , such a nice idea! Berlin is really excellent exactly for ideas like that! I love that city. Last year we were there with a real camper in a real camping, but i will keep this in mind for a shorter stay :-) thanks Judith

    1. You're welcome Stefania! If you like camping, I think it's indeed a cool place for a shorter stay to check out the city and relax :o)

  2. Oh ik vind kamperen altijd erg leuk, maar dit is natuurlijk helemaal top, kamperen in Berlijn en ook nog eens comfortabel ook😃

  3. Love it! Love the concept.
    Have thought of staying there or the Michelberger but in the end opt for a little more space and luxury.

    If we all stayed there I would too:-)
    Great photos!

  4. I would love to stay here! My favorite detail is the aspen/birch trees standing tall! They are my favorite tree. Thank you for sharing this feature, so inspiring!

    1. Merci Jocelyn! Do these trees grow in the region where you grew up too? I like them as well because apparently you can write on the white bark :) Not that I would, but I like the idea of bark as paper.

      1. Yes, they grow mainly in northern AZ and the Colorado Rockies! I didn't know you could write on the white bark and I agree with you, better to keep it natural and lovely :)

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