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Next week I'll be in London and because I expect it to be quite an urban trip, I'm "virtually" preparing myself with some airy views from our #blago2014 adventure. | Lago Maggiore Italy

I love these pale blues at the Lago Maggiore and the Lago d'Orta at this time of the year. As well as the eternal snow on the mountains in the background, the palm trees, the islands… | Lago d'Orta Italy | Lago Maggiore Italy | Lago d'Orta Italy | Lago Maggiore Italy | Lago Maggiore Italy

Hope you're having a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Lago views

  1. The Lago D'Orta! I can say that all Italy is really beautiful but I have many nice memories in that place, right on the island of San Giulio, I held a concert with my choir many years ago, in the monastery. Very impressive!
    But do you know also Lago di Garda? Wonderful place!

    1. Oh wow, that sounds great Lallabel! We didn't make it to the island itself but next time I'll definitely want to take a boat there ;) I bet the accoustics in the monastery must be mind blowing. I've never been to Lago di Garda. Did you also sing there? Or did you live there?

      1. No, I live near Parma in Italy but my parents love Lago di Garda very much so when I was a child I was often here on holidays. Great history and nature all around the lake, I love the most Sirmione (in which you can find the ancient Catullo's site and the castle), Gardone (with the D'Annunzio poet's home, so particular), Garda, Bardolino and Riva del Garda… take a look on the web if you want to go the next occasion in Italy!

        1. Thanks a lot Lallabel! I'll definitely check out your tips when I'm planning my next trip to Italy! Sirmione looks stunning! Woah!

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