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Five months ago on my birthday I mentioned that All I need is less. And not much has changed: I'm still decluttering, throwing and giving stuff away and only bought necessities. Super boring right?! To spice things ups, I created a virtual wishlist of things that I love but not particularly need. Less but better is more*. I wouldn't mind if Santa brought me one of these beauties 😉

What's on your (virtual) wishlist?

Castle and Things print (and awesome video!)  Helvetica The Perfume  Zilverblauw wallpaper  4  mini zipper clutch by Kindah Khalidy  OK Omin Käsin book by Susanna Vento of Varpunen & Riikka Kantinkoski of Weekday Carnival  Leaf hangers by LagströmWiktorsson  Skandinavisk candle  8  HAY Strike match boxes  9  Ederle gem rock soaps  10  Le Baigneur soap

* which is also the motto of beautiful brand Ederle, that I discovered through instagram

21 thoughts on “Less but better is more

  1. “less but better is more” – great motto for christmas! love your list, especially the clutch (even though I can't wear them, I need my two hands!)

  2. Oh I love the Hygge candles, they really glow in a wonderful way! And the OK book by Riikka is fab, I had the opportunity to glance into it in Copenhagen when I met her for the first time, very inspiring indeed! Happy Tuesday my friend!

    1. yes, she makes the prettiest clutches. I'd just use them for random stuff in my handbag or suitcase ;) It's impossible to live with one free hand, right?

  3. there is something liberating about having less, isn't there? I noticed that I also get less attached to the things I acquire these days. they're just things after all.

  4. Ha ha yes know about the declutter process and indeed you're right there always that little something that would be nice to have:-) I have the OK book and it's amazing so I hope Santa will let this one slip under your tree. Have a lovely week Judith!

    1. Oh yes, spring clean declutter will come early in the new year ;) Hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family and loved ones, Geraldine. My secret Santa brought me the OK book, it's gorgeous, I'm sure you'd enjoy it too ;)

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