Let’s kiss under the mistletoe

JOELIX.com | Mistletoe wreath

One light string in our Euphorbia was our only Christmas decoration at home up until now. But I spotted "some" mistletoe in the tree in front of our home. For the first time there were berries in there and I couldn't resist to get a few. It took an hour to get the entire bush out of the tree, but it worked and now we have enough mistletoe to kiss under another branch every day in 2016. From a few smaller twigs I made two wreaths, one for our cinemaroom and another one on our yellow submarine door. So now… let's kiss!

JOELIX.com | Mistletoe

JOELIX.com | Mistletoe

While trying to get the mistletoe out of the tree (why do they always grow on the highest branches?!), I Snapchatted what I was doing. My friend Anne got me hooked to Snapchat, well it's a bit random, but some snaps are just hilarious. For example Damien Aresta, snapchatted a daily advent snap: every day he would take something out of his pocket. Unfortunately he quit… So if you are on Snapchat, let me know your name in the comments, so that I can follow you! (I'm joelixjoelix on Snapchat if you like to know).

Anyway, there is even more mistletoe outside:

JOELIX.com | Mistletoe in tree

And because mistletoe is a little cheesy, I even hung a few twigs above our bed too. Never enough plants and never enough kisses, right?!
For now I wish you some very wonderful (warm!) Christmas days surrounded by your loved ones. See you very soon! Because next week I'll be shooting our new bathroom, I can't wait to show you the final result. So yeah, hope to see you soon! Here on my blog or on Instagram, or maybe via Snapchat?

JOELIX.com | Mistletoe above the bed

3 thoughts on “Let’s kiss under the mistletoe

  1. Haha, wishing you lots of kisses from the right people in 2016 Judith! What a lucky find:) Have a wonderful Christmas and hope you get some well deserved rest, 2015 has been a bit year! Mel x

  2. Merry Christmas my plant-loving partner-in-crime:-) I wish you and Robert a wonderful family time in Holland and I will see you soon for more planty projects:-)

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