Lychee Style | Pink Lychees on TextielLab towel

After a weird week and an intense weekend (due to the passing of my uncle), I'm slowly getting back into the blogging rhythm. And I'm excited! My head is full of ideas and wishes and you know what? Finally I'll be doing another Styloise feature soon. It has been way too long and I miss it. Taking pictures of strangers in my neighborhood has been such a great learning experience. It helped me to overcome some kind of shyness and made me realize most people are simply honored and surprised. Very few people refuse to have their picture taken, although some ethnicities are harder to convince. I once approached this guy that didn't want to pose in front of my camera because he was illegal. Oops!
And what about these pink lychees? Well I simply love their shape and taste… and colors! Especially the pearlish pink on the inside. | Pink Lychees on TextielLab towel
tea towel by TextielLab via Wannekes

8 thoughts on “Lychee Style

  1. These are wonderful images, Judith. I am looking forward to the next Styloise feature! I am shy too when it comes to asking people if I can photograph them so thank you for reminding me that there IS a possibility they just may find it honorable. Much love to you my dear friend! Jocelyn x

    1. Merci Jocelyn! It really just takes a little courage…there are many surprises to be discovered when taking someone's picture, it's a great learning experience. I'm sure you would do a great job: I love the pictures you take of your loved ones (including the whippets of course)! Hugs back to you!

  2. Love these punchy picture ! Just discover your Styloise series and i just love it ! Spend some time discovering all the beautiful people from Oise ! Thank you !

    1. Merci beaucoup Muriel! It's so nice to take their pictures and I really missed it. Today I shot a new portrait that will be published early next week. Thank you for the support, it's nice to know other people than myself enjoy the series! xx

  3. Prachtige foto's. Mooi met die kleuren zo. Gecondoleerd met je oom, ik hoop dat je mooie herinneringen aan hem hebt die je kunnen helpen op moeilijke momenten.

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