No more Danish pastries

Hi! I'm back from a short trip to Denmark and Sweden. I said goodbye to clear blue skies (and a few clouds), salty air, sweet friends, delicious Danish pastries and lots of Scandinavian style. But I brought home lots of pictures and a few hotspots to share with you in the upcoming days and weeks. And I'm back to running again, because my gear didn't fit in my little suitcase. Feels good 🙂

10 thoughts on “No more Danish pastries

    1. Hahaha so we are both these annoying people that keep taking pictures from the airplane window. My “neighbors” always look so disturbed and don't “get it”. But I think it's just magical, it looks always different!

  1. Je bent eigenlijk een beetje in de zevende hemel …
    Je had bijna naar de DesignTrad Dk in Kopenhagen gekund.
    Maar vast niet nodig om toch een heerlijk trip te hebben, ben benieuwd naar foto's etc.

    1. Ja echt 'n beetje magisch zo boven de wolken. Altijd weer bijzonder. Inderdaad ik had bijna naar DesignTrade gekund, maar zo net vantevoren was het ook erg fijn. Even het grijze en koude weer hier in Frankrijk ontvlucht ;)

  2. welcome back. Everytime I see this kind of cloud+sky pictures, the desire of flying somewhere takes over :-) I am thinking of my next plane flight now. It will be The Netherlands in october. Yay :-))

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