Off to Copenhagen and Malmö

After an entire summer in France, I'm flying to Copenhagen today! I visited Copenhagen during our Scandinavian roadtrip two years ago and at the time I liked it even better than Stockholm and Oslo. After exploring Stockholm earlier this year, I can't wait to see more of Copenhagen, indulge in Danish pastries and meet up with friends in kaffehusets…

I will also cross the bridge between Denmark and Sweden to visit the charming city of Malmö. Have you ever been there? Any recommendations? I know there is a Granit store that I'm looking forward to visit 😉

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22 thoughts on “Off to Copenhagen and Malmö

  1. Dear Judith,

    have lots of wonderful new experiences in Copenhagen – I love the city very much, visited it years ago while visiting a friend in Malmö – so short way, both are lovely cities. Maybe one day we can do a trip together ;-)
    Hugs from Berlin Nina

  2. Copenhagen is near the top of my list of places to visit! I'm already plotting to come to the Hive again next year, so I can check out this amazing place. :)

    Malmö was apparently my first international trip ever! At six months old (we were leaving in Greece at the time), my parents brought me with them to Malmö where we picked up our new Volkswagen car and drove it back to Athens. Funny story, huh? :)

    In any case, enjoy!

    1. Merci Mandi! Such a funny story! Going to The Hive in CPH will be the perfect “back to your roots” visit next year! I'm sure you will love it here, it's super laid back and pretty :)

  3. Oh Judith you're a lucky girl! I love LOVE Copenaghen, since i went there more than 20 years ago on an inter rail holiday, I fell in love with it and met nice people over there. One of my best friends ever lives there and I hope to be able to visit her soon.
    I have no suggestions for MALMÖ, for Cooenaghen they would be old as it is a long time I do not go. I remember a really lovely cafe Zeleste ( one of the oldest i n town. Maybe you like to check it out.
    Enjoy the trio and cannot wait to see your posts about it. Naturally I will follow via instagram.

    1. Thank you Stefania, will have to check out the cafe you suggested. There are so many lovely places around here: I'm very much looking forward to the next days and explore. Hope to take you along via IG. Also hope you can visit your best friend soon! xx

    1. Het was erg leuk, rommelig en vermoeiend, maar vooral heel gezellig. Nu nog alle foto's uitzoeken ;) Malmö heeft nu trouwens een hele nieuwe wijk, erg leuk om 'ns te bezoeken als je weer 'n keer terug gaat.

  4. Hi Judith
    What a joy to find your blog and see your glimpse from Denmark, we're pretty excited about kaffe and pastries ourselves:-) LOVE what you did with your door, YELLOW submarine color? I have to try one at home:-) Have a great day:-)

    1. Merci Mette! I loved staying in Denmark (and its people and pastries) and can't wait to share more of it here soon. Submarine yellow is such a fun color to work it. Looking forward to seeing how you'll use it :) Enjoy your Sunday!

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