On the Oise

This weeked, I did something that I've been wanting to do for over a decade. Do you see the above picture? That's the view from our home: we live along the riverside of the Oise. Every day we see transport ships, rowing boats and swans go by but we had never made a boat trip on the Oise, ever!

During this l'Oise Verte et Bleue weekend (an event to promote outdoor activities in our region) we joined about 50 Isariens for a tour on a small péniche. The absolute highlight was to see our home from the water. From the inside we have a clear view over the river, but seen from the water it is actually pretty much hidden behind all the greenery:

We passed by the transport ships…

…and the rowing boats (look at that happy Weimaraner dog!):

and the swans:

Now all I want to do is take a boat and make a long trip: over the Oise to the Seine (through Paris of course!) then to Burgundy and its famous Canal, onto the Saône… to the South of France… just dreaming out loud ;o)
Have you ever been on a boat trip?

10 thoughts on “On the Oise

  1. Invite me?? It looks so nice! The only river trip I ever did were touristy ones when we lived in London, but they were really nice! Oh, and here in Amsterdam obviously (hehe) it would be a shame not to do it here!!

    1. Yeah, of course you could join on the boat trip! As long as we won't eat bad Italian food every night ;o) I've never cruised on the Amsterdam canals, or the Thames… but the Seine is nice too!

  2. In Amsterdam of course! We thought we were going to get stuck under one of the tiny bridges in the Jordaan, but we survived :)

  3. Always dreamed of cruising the rivers and canals of France. Fulfilled my dream by renting a canal boat and cruising the Yonne River and Canal du Nivernais in Burgundy for a week two summers ago. Last summer, rented another boat and cruised a section of the Canal du Midi to Carcassonne. Loved the whole experience. Highly recommend canal cruising. Seriously considering the purchase of a boat and continuing to explore France.

    1. Oh that sounds so nice, Craig! Owning a boat is quite a responsibility, but a great investment for many wonderful days on the water. If you have the opportunity to do so, I think you should do it! Are you based in France?

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