the colors of Berlin

While flipping through the photos I made in Berlin last week, I realized that:
almost half of them included beautiful type… oops!
I captured lots of blue skies… after a long dark winter, I guess that's what I needed
Berlin is even greener than I remembered
there was color everywhere, hence this post :o)

20 thoughts on “the colors of Berlin

  1. How lovely to see all these Berlin colours ! You must have been there before or after the Hive because there wasn't such a blue sky during the weekend . I particularly like the words on the wire – what a great idea.
    Skies have been quite blue over Scotland for the last day or two, so am hoping finally maybe we will have some spring, if not summer :)

    1. Thanks Rhiannon. You're right, I was there also before & after The Hive ;o) Me too, I'm so ready to spring or summer, whichever comes first!

  2. Even though I can see it every day – I still love to see my city captured so nicely in pictures like yours! The words on the wire are still there, just saw them yesterday when we went for a picnic on the airport field! And I'm also often surprised how colorful Berlin is when I look at my pictures.

    1. I hope those letters are there to stay, they're so pretty! And it's like Gudy said above: Berlin has so many different faces! Merci Lena!

  3. Hi, wanted to comment earlier but forgot ;-) Berlin is one of my favorite places, for its color, relaxed atmosphere, lovely food and interesting people.
    Hopefully I will return there soon.

    1. It's a very eclectic city, completely different from Paris and also so much greener! Hope you'll be able to go back there soon :o)

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