Our bathroom renovation #2

JOELIX.com | Our bathroom renovation

More than two months after the first update, it's time to show you some new images of our bathroom. Unfortunately the renovation was paused for more than four weeks due to illness, but we're back on track! I really like that with the new walls we're now aware of the real volumes of the bathroom. The double walk-in shower will be HUGE.

And some things never change: Wally still loves hanging out in the bathroom, although he's a little confused when a new wall is up 😉

JOELIX.com | Our bathroom renovation

In the shower, we decided to create an incorporated shelf, to avoid adding a shower caddy and still have enough room for shampoo… and maybe a plant?

JOELIX.com | Our bathroom renovation

Wally being his adorable and clumsy self:

JOELIX.com | Our bathroom renovation

As we are going for a clean & sleek look without visible wires or tubes, the new walls are like a 3D puzzle. The floor will also hide some drains and water tubes. And for the Restaurant letters I need electrity in the exact right place, because I'm replacing the old neon tubes with new lights!

JOELIX.com | Our bathroom renovation

And of course we're only wearing sexy glasses:

JOELIX.com | Our bathroom renovation

By the way, we're still not sure about the wall finishing. I checked for special bathroom paint which would be a nice option. But then: the guy at the store gave me a color book with 1200 colors. Which means the options are endless! So for now, I'll continue pinning ideas to my Pinterest board 😉 bathroomrenovation

For more before & after pictures of the renovation of our home click here.

10 thoughts on “Our bathroom renovation #2

  1. ooooooh just 1200…..so all you have to do is pick one *LOL* #choiceschoices I would go crazy and go for another option instead ;)

    1. Hahaha can you imagine? That's all we have to do (and apply it of course). And then realize we don't like the color… whaahhhh! Will keep you updated ;)

  2. You guys are doing great! We have a shower shelf too and I really like how it keeps everything clean. It's a bit small, but that forces me to choose my shower products well… just like you will have to choose from 1,200 options *evil laughter*

    1. Hahaha! We have about 1 meter of shower shelf, so I guess that's enough room for my 1200 shower products :D No seriously: glad to hear it's a functional option! Can't wait to put my shampoo on the shelf, but first more work… Thanks Deepa!

    1. Yeah Wally sure loves the action! Me too, can't wait to see it finished and take the first shower. A little bit more patience is required though… but soon!! ;)

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