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How is your week? Rainy? Still en vacances? Mine has been busy and also included 2 interviews about my blog after a surprise article in the newspaper last weekend. Fun! The journalist who wrote this, found me through Pinterest! Double fun 😉

These are a few photos of the beautiful artichokes that grew in the Jardins de Montplaisir. I love their color and shape… and eating them too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

12 thoughts on “Artichoke flowers

    1. Hahaha I agree, blogueuse is pretty sweet, but I don't really like the pronunciation of blogeur in French. Glad I'm a woman ;) Have a nice week, Yvonne!

  1. Hi Judith.
    Sounds like an amazing and exciting week! Congratulation with the mentioning, really well deserved:-) I'm never sure whether we should eat artichokes or let them flourish, but I agree it tastes heavenly! Have a beautiful weekend dear Judith:-)

    1. Thank you Mette! That's so sweet! About the artichokes: I think we could do both: let half of them flourish and eat the rest ;) Have a great week! xx

  2. Oh that's so cool and well deserved Judith! Yay!! Do you have a copy of the other article to share with us? Congratulations! Mel xx

    1. Thanks a lot Mel! That's so sweet :) The second article hasn't been published yet, but of course I'll share it once it's out. You too, congratulations on the magazine feature & monthly gig, very well deserved! xx

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