Our xmas tree!

Ca y est: an overdose of decorations in Paris & the Oise helped me a to get into the mood for Christmas!
After several years I found our xmas lights again! In the mean time the pine tree in our garden grew so much that the light string only covers a small part of it. It used to wrap around the entire tree!

We never have a real ( or fake ) xmas tree at Studio Sapique. We could, but with 3 plant-eating cats it's not so great. Also, I prefer keeping trees in the ground, so the pine tree in the garden is perfect: I cut off a few branches for inside, because they smell so nice! Very christmassy!

If you have one, what does your xmas tree look like?

8 thoughts on “Our xmas tree!

  1. Wat grappig dat je boom zo hard gegroeid is! Het ziet er heel gezellig uit zo.
    Mijn kerstboom (mét kluit, plant ik na kerst weer in de tuin) zit vol met lampjes en minikerstballetjes in allerlei kleuren :)
    fijne middag!

    1. Ja kleine boompjes worden groot ;o) Fijn dat je de boom na kerst in de tuin verder laat groeien. Leuke gestippelde kerstballetjes hangen er nu in je boom zie ik!

  2. I grew up with fake ones, it is quite difficult to get real ones in Colombia. So now I get a real one because I like the smell. Plus we move so much that a fake one would be one more box to add!

    1. Hahahhaa that's a great “excuse”! I love the smell of xmas trees too! That's why I cut some branches and put a few on my desk as well: hmmmmmmmm!

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