Patterns in Milan | Colorful patterned tiles at Temakinho in Milan, Italy

My five days in Italy with friends were bright and colorful, just like the tiles above at Temakinho in Milan. We walked for hours along several lakes, enjoyed the abundant sunshine, ate the most delicious Italian food, had many interesting conversations, laughed a lot, smelled the blooming wisteria on every street corner, got our design fix at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, had gelato only twice (!) and slept way too little. And what do bloggers do when they stumble upon patterned floors like this? They take a #fromwherewestand : | Colorful patterned tiles at Temakinho in Milan, Italy

These amazing tiles made me wish I could run to Milan just to add another colorful picture to my IG running series 😉 | Colorful patterned tiles at Temakinho in Milan, Italy

These stars were a little bit more subtle: | Star tiles at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy

Behind the scenes of this instagram picture with Deepa, Jillian and Kat: | Colorful tiles in Italy blago

And more pattern love near the Duomo, in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: | Colorful mosaic tiles at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy

Of course I took way too many pictures, so this week you'll be showered with a lot more Italy-love here on the blog. I hope you don't mind 😉

20 thoughts on “Patterns in Milan

  1. meravigliosi!!!! I have a crush for the cement tiles and those ones are to die for (the first one above all). I can't wait to read and see all the pictures of your Italian stay. So jealous ;-)

    1. Thanks Ilaria! Floors like the one on top always make me wonder how you can make it look so random while keeping it stylish and pretty. Probably a lot more work involved than simply laying tiles. I took so many pictures, so I'm sure you'll get your Italy fix ;)

  2. *YOU* took too many pictures? I'm still swimming through my sea of pictures! And after you taught me about lens correction, I see all the distorted lines in my pics… now it's driving me crazy.

    I think your photos are so well chosen, you take them at just the right moments. In that respect, you are my idol!

    1. Hahaha that's the sweetest thing to say, Deepa! You're my witty writing idol, that's for sure ;) I totally get what you mean with the distortion… once you go raw you never go back ;) Can't wait to see & read more of your Blago stories!

  3. Ha I love the #fromwherewestand picture – brilliantly done. And what fun meeting cool ladies and looking at even cooler floors :)

    1. Het was inderdaad echt super gezellig, Stephanie. Lekker eten, heerlijk weer, mooie omgeving, veel design, lieve mensen. Oh en mooie vloeren natuurlijk ;)

  4. Every time I read your posts and look at your photos I am just in awe! I love all these patterns. Each pattern seems to tell a story of integration and acceptance. Love it!

  5. this was such a blast of colour inspiration! speaking of running, I am feeling the itch and I feel it's happening sometime soon. ;) rock on Judith!

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