JOELIX.com | Pimp my Deckie with Out There Interiors

It probably shows that I'm craving a little summer holiday, right? This weekend I worked on a fun little challenge: pimp a deckchair with Out There Interiors! Our mission was to do "something" with the chair and my first idea was to turn it into a green seating. Of course I don't want anyone to sit on my cacti, but some soft & wild grass from our garden was a better idea.

JOELIX.com | Pimp my Deckie with Out There Interiors

The only thing missing is some sunshine…. and your vote! I hope you like my deckie, because when I win, I will donate my prize to the Kew Gardens Foundation. Kew is the world's most famous botanical garden with more than 250 years of history. I think it's important to help places like the Kew Gardens and the Jardin des Serres d'Auteuil to continue to do their fantastic work. Future generations deserve the same rich plant diversity as we do and there is still so much research to do to learn more about plants and the world.

You can vote for my deckie HERE and HERE. Merci beaucoup!!

JOELIX.com | Pimp my Deckie with Out There Interiors

6 thoughts on “#PimpMyDeckie

  1. Your styling is lovely – the soft blues & turquoise picked up from the poster, the comfy looking chair and LOVE that palm (did you grow it?) Good Luck :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Unfortunately I didn't grow this palm tree: my husband bought it for himself, I think my love for palm trees is contagious ;) The way it grows is completely similar to the ones I grow, only the seed is a “slightly” bigger :)

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