The Barbican Conversatory London | Conversatory at the Barbican London

The contrast between the grey sky during my visit at the Barbican Conservatory and today's blue sunny sky in France, could hardly be any bigger. Unfortunately there was not enough time for a trip to the Kew Gardens or Botany in the past Blogtacular weekend, but I made a quick stop-over at the beautiful Barbican Conversatory. There's something about the Barbican that I find very attractive: it has a true soul and feels like a throwback to the '60s and '70s. I love it 🙂 | Conversatory at the Barbican London

This hidden tropical oasis in the middle of the city houses more than 2000 species of tropical plants and trees. If you want to visit the greenhouse, just note that the Conservatory of the Barbican is only open on Sundays and Bank holidays. I was there on a Friday, but found an open door and a kind resident with his granddaughter told me I should just take a peek (and a few pictures ;). So I did!
Can you see the purple/bordeaux hanging leafs down on the right? That's a giant bunch of Purple Heart just like mine <3 | Conversatory at the Barbican London | Conversatory at the Barbican London

The Barbican Estate & Centre: dark & grey, with lots of rooftop gardens, balconies, palm trees, amazing apartments (for steep prices: I spotted a 30m2 apartment for almost 500K£ in a broker's window…). Last time there was the fabulous Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition, this time I just got to visit the beautiful Conversatory. | Conversatory at the Barbican London | Conversatory at the Barbican London

A gorgeous fan-palm… the future of mine 😀 | Conversatory at the Barbican London

The Conserveratory at the Barbican /// Silk St /// London EC2Y 8DS
open on Sundays (11-17) and Bank holidays (12-17)

4 thoughts on “The Barbican Conversatory London

  1. Hi again!

    I was strolling through your blog today, very nice architecture. That reminds me to the old Star Wars Movies … i like that brutalistic architecture. Sadly all over the world there're more haters than lovers of that kind of style.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hahahaa you're right, it's a little bit science fiction-y :) Somehow I believe that the Barbican is pretty loved by many people, the prices of the apartments seem to prove it, or maybe it's just London, real estates prices are through the roof! Have a great week, Jan!

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