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Today I get to blog with a group of French interior bloggers: le collectif de blogueurs Project Inside! They asked me to be their guest blogger this month and bien sûr I said yes: I mean the topic couldn't be a better match: "Les Plantes et les couleurs" (Plants & Colors). Both inspire me so much every day! | Plants & Colors with Project Inside

What I wanted to show you is that when you think of "plants" you almost immediately think of greenery and the color green. But there are quite a few houseplants that have the most wonderful non-green colors. They can add that unexpected pop of color to your interior and brings out the green in your other plants as a contrasting color. | Plants & Colors with Project Inside | Plants & Colors with Project Inside

I decided to gather them on my plantshelfie and actually I have more of them than I expected: quite a few Tradescantia pallida, purple heart plants as they grow so fast and easy, a Tradescantia zebrina that I brought home from Finland as a cutting, the beautiful Oxalis (a gift from Morgane), the Stromanthe triostar, which is actually very red-ish from the back (I turned it around for the photo), a Ludisia jewel orchid (a gift from Caroline), the Euphorbia trigona rubra that has this weird green burgundy color and the backside of the Begonia maculata which is red: | Plants & Colors with Project Inside

The flipside of the Marantha triostar is almost neon pink in some areas: | Plants & Colors with Project Inside

So tell me: do you own any colorful houseplants? Or do you prefer the fresh green "neutrals"? | Plants & Colors with Project Inside

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12 thoughts on “Plants and colors

  1. Mooi “article” Judith, bedankt voor het meedoen!
    Weer wat nieuws geleerd.
    Ik ben gek op de Oxalis, maar de Ludisia jewel orchid kende ik helemaal niet en wat is ie mooooi!!
    Kleurrijke groenboel ;)

  2. Merci Judith pour ton joli article pour PI , une excellente idée ces plantes en couleurs . Il est vrai quand on dit plante: on pense immédiatement aux plantes vertes mais tu as raison … vive les plantes en couleur.

  3. On a failli parler de la même chose, car en choisissant l'oxalis j'avais presque envie de parler de toutes ces plantes pourpres qui donnent de la couleur à nos intérieurs :-) j'adore ton étagère remplie de plantes, on ne sait plus par où regarder tellement leurs feuillages s'entremêlent. xx

  4. Thank you Judith for an utterly beautiful and inspiring post – and blog. I just wanted to let you know, that I'll be referring to joelix tomorrow on my blog with a picture from this post. Of course with full credits. Hope that's ok with you.

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