Red Blossom branches | Red blossom in measuring cup | Red blossom | Red blossom | Red blossom in measuring cup | Red blossom in measuring cup

While I'm impatiently waiting for warmer nights to get my succulents and palm trees out of their winter storage, I can't help but picking flowers. I know… again! I may turn into a real flowergirl… After the yellow daffodils and blue hyacinth grapes I found these red blossom branches in another neighbor's garden. I'm so not used to having flowers at home (our cats like eating them), that the best vase I could find, was a measuring cup ;o)

Oh and I really loved reading all your comments on that particular minty green color at the Sugar Factory! Rebecca pointed out that it is called Eau de Nile and was used in many official buildings in the 1950s, like schools, offices and court houses. Ilaria had a more poetic suggestion: carta da zucchero. After the faded blue wrapper of sugar. How appropriate in a sugar factory! In the old days sugar used to be wrapped in blue paper to keep the sugar from turning yellow. I think there is no doubt about the blossom above: it's pretty red, right?!

18 thoughts on “Red Blossom branches

  1. So pretty! I wish I had a garden with a blossoming tree to sneak a few branches for my home but alas, in the city, the blossoming branches can only be bought for a lot of money on the flower market. :-)

    1. Or maybe you can find some in one of the parcs? Very sneakily… Well, I guess it is one of the perks of living outside the city (and to having neighbors with lovely blossom trees!). Have a great weekend in Paris, Igor!

      1. Ha, I'm always afraid that someone might see me and not share my 'côté déco' with me LOL Bises de Paris & I'll drop you an email next week;-)

    1. No I don't tell my neighbors ;o) But I never enter their garden either, and just pick the public space neighboring their garden. Don't think they miss a few branches/flowers, as many of them don't even live here fulltime… Do you use measuring cups for your flowers as well? Such an easy solution, right?

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