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Today I'm celebrating my running anniversary! In June I started to run and in a few days I'll be strapping on my running shoes for the 100th time. On the same day that I started running, I (finally!) joined Instagram and thought it would be a good motivation to post a picture after each run. I can't believe I spammed my followers with almost 100 running pictures! | running giveway win free Printic polaroids yellow

To celebrate my running anniversary with you, I've teamed up with Printic to give away a set of five Printics to 3 of my readers. A few weeks ago I tried the Printic app, choose a few running pictures straight from my instagram and three days later I received my set of glossy polaroids in this cute orange envelope: | running giveway win free Printic polaroids orange envelope

To win a set of 5 Printics:
Like on facebook
Follow me on instagram
Tell me your favorite photo subject in the comments below

I'll announce the 3 lucky winners on Monday, December 16th so that you can order & receive your Printics in time for Christmas. This giveaway is open for everyone worldwide: Printic has free worldwide shipping.

This giveaway is now closed. The 3 winners are: Malincha, Elise and Lena. They will be contacted shortly! Thanks everyone for playing and the running support!

Oh and did you know you can now even print only 1 Printic and send it to a special someone (or yourself!)? Wouldn't that make a sweet Thank You note? Or use them as gift tags or table seating cards during the holidays. I know I'm using mine to keep me motivated to carry on running 😉

Printic offered me a set of Printics for free, but all opinions and pictures are my own. Merci Printic!

24 thoughts on “Running Anniversary giveaway!

  1. Congrats on your (almost) 100th run! I've really enjoyed your running photos on IG these past months. You should be really proud of yourself! Oh and my favourite thing to photograph is anything COLOURFUL! As you can see from my IG feed (@jillianinitaly).

  2. wow, I'm impressed. I started running again too just at the beginning of the year. I don't think I made it up to 100 runs though. congratulations. I love your photos and might steel the idea. maybe that way, I make it out more often.

    as to the giveaway… I can't follow you on instagram. I'm not on there. and not having a smartphone, gasp, I can't sign up for it either. otherwise, I'd happily try to get my fingers on more of your photos. but I'm very happy I won your last giveaway. thanks again. can't wait to get my cards :)

    1. I can totally recommend to start taking 1 picture during your runs, it's very motivating and makes running even more fun. The cards are almost on their way ;) Thanks for your support!

  3. Vind het bewonderenswaardig hoe het je iedere keer lukt een pakkende foto te maken.Dat is een slimme motivatie om te blijven lopen.Op naar de volgende 100!
    Zelf heb ik minder fantasie en schiet ik de meestal plaatjes waar mijn kind een rol(letje) in speelt.

  4. Oh I wish I could say the same, about 100 runs. Congratulations :-)
    As you know I already follow you on IG and on fb, my favorite photographic subject is… life. I like to document life, so I take pictures of everything.
    My current goal is to reduce quantity and try a different approach to it, a selective one, will I make it?
    have a lovely weekend

    1. That's a good challenge: quality over quantity! It's such a nice “process” to edit yourself. Life doesn't need a lot of editing, but choosing what's “worth” sharing is pretty nice. Thanks for your support, Stefania!

  5. Congrats again! I started running about the same time as you, then move away, and lost all my good running routine… But who knows, it's almost good resolutions time, right?
    I just love taking pictures of everyday life but I think coffees and my little boy are probably my favourite subjects ;-)

    1. Hahaha yeah, you can start “again” on January 1st ;) Love all the good coffee in your feed and your little guy is SO cute, always make me smile :) Thanks for your support!

  6. I love your running pictures on instagram – and I'm always amazed! you can be really proud of yourself. I don't think I'll complete 100 runs in my whole life ;)

    1. Thanks Lena, that's so sweet! Never thought I'd run 100 times either, but I'm sure there are other things that you'll do 100x and will be happy to start all over again ;)

  7. Ze zijn erg leuk! Ik fotografeer vooral details in mijn huis én mijn katten. Ik hoop maar dat ik daar niemand mee verveel, maar ze zijn soms gewoon te schattig.

  8. Very impressed by the running, especially as I cannot see me ever being a runner myself ! But I am inspired to think about how I can use instagram to keep me on track and motivated with other things ! Favourite photo subject – just one ? Well, colour is behind each one – so that is what draws me in first.

    1. Never ever did I see myself as a future runner either, but I really enjoy it :) Very glad it inspired you to think about how you can use instagram to motivate you with other things. I'll follow along ;)

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