Running around

Today I'm celebrating my first month as a runner! I never thought I would enjoy it so much, but I guess I'm addicted to the runner's high. And the things I discover on my runs are worth to keep going: I saw an agility dog show, was cheered on by fishermen, spotted these pretty tiles and saw & smelled a lot of pretty flowers. If you like you can follow my runs on Instagram.

I've also been running around the web a little bit. Yesterday I was a guest at One Bunting Away and shared a nice fabric store in Berlin with Giova's readers. And last week Jocelyn wrote about our home and how it reflects us, on The Little Room of Style. I hope you'll check out both their blogs!

4 thoughts on “Running around

  1. so you go running with your camera, too? I'm not sure if today counts as a running day for me as I spent half of the time taking pictures :)

    1. Hahahaa that's the downside of running, taking pictures. I only bring my phone for snapshots. And go back with my real camera if needed ;)

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