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My sister decided to start sending me more snail mail. She told me I should write about it on my blog. So I will! Always listen to your little sister!

The first envelope she sent me, contained two cards: a Margiela perfume sample she picked up at Jones Arnhem and a Double Date card by ZTRDG to propose a double date to celebrate our 12 1/2th wedding anniversary.

ZTRDG is a Dutch initiative celebrating delicious seasonal recipes and stories about people that are passionate about fresh & beautiful food. Pretty awesome, right? Oh and if you like sending snail mail, check out The Flat Project on One Bunting Away with lots of cute snail mail DIYs!

Do you ever send your sister / brother / friend / family member a postcard? Or do you write each other letters?

8 thoughts on “Sistermail 1

  1. I love sending postcards to my best friends. When we used to live in the same city, each 2 to 3 weeks I took a postcard, wrote something funny on it and sent it. It's somehow strange to send postcards when you can call or text her, but I think a postcard makes somebody more smile than a text message. :)

    1. Absolutely! I think it also adds another dimension to your contact with someone as you can see how he/she writes and appreciate the choice of postcard/paper. And isn't is nice to find something different in the mailbox than just bills & publicity?

  2. Thank you for sharing the “flat project”. I'm so glad your sister persuaded you to the wonderful land of snail mail!
    In the words of Lord Byron, “Letter-writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.” Have a great weekend!!

    1. Nice saying of Lord Byron! It's also a good way to keep my hand writing in shape. Because I write less & less & worse & worse! Oh and there's some snail mail on its way to Amsterdam by the way ;) You too have a wonderful weekend!

  3. “Always listen to your little sister!” -> As a little sister myself, I wholeheartedly agree! Hahaha!

    I love writing by hand and I love paper, so I should probably send more snail mail. But the postal system back home is so inefficient, it's disheartening :P

    1. Hihi little sisters are the best!
      Even La Poste can be really slow (and fold & bend envelopes…) but it's always nice to receive something more personal than bills in the mailbox :)

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