So many kids

One of the perks of december is a mailbox full of festive cards. For the 8th time in a row, my dad & I worked on the xmas cards for an elementary school in the Netherlands.
The challenge is to be as efficient as possible, because with 460 kids and always a few ill ones ( due to Sinterklaas stress ), we want to keep the number of photoshoots & hours of retouching as low as possible.

Our idea was simple: every class was separated in 4 small groups that used their hands & fingers to point out  2 0 1 3!

But the funny thing was that as soon as the cards were printed, the deaf children at school pointed out that the signs used by the kids, are not correct according to sign language. Why didn't we think of that?!?
Of course we did a new photoshoot for the inside of the card. Isn't it intruiging that the deaf kids' hands below are so much more expressive than those of the hearing kids above?

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4 thoughts on “So many kids

  1. Such a nice idea! I'm learning “supporting sign language”. It's not with signs for the letters, but for words (only some) to communicate with some of the people who can't speak or can't understand the amount of spoken information. Also very expressive!

    1. Sounds nice, Lein! Wouldn't it be great if we all learned sign language at school (just like English, French or German)?
      An how do you like sign language so far?

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