Some X-rays

Earlier this week I showed you the result of my little spring project: our submarine yellow door. A fresh new color on the door requires new "art". So I replaced the pale blue prints of our staircase by something new. I found several vintage x-ray scans that have the same color as the staircase (<- video):

I like it that the dark colors reflect the view. It would be even cooler if the x-rays would be backlighted, but a simple white piece of paper is just enough to distinguish the patterns. Simple & effective, right?

8 thoughts on “Some X-rays

  1. Wow, that looks amazing! I love the yellow door. The X-rays look really cool. The last time my dog had an x-ray I was trying to convince the veterinarian to let me have it!

    1. Oh wow you should totally ask again! These are from an unknown woman and a man who has some impressive screws in his lower leg. So intruiging to look at! Have a great weekend Stephanie!

    1. Hahahaa my husband did the same, but apparently there is not so much wrong with this patient. The x-rays in the second frame have huge metal screws and plates attached to the bones, quite impressive!

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